About Chair
Vacation with Heaven

Pull up a chair and have a nice visit.  This blog is not intended to be terribly authoritative since I am only working on developing my prophetic ear to become more in tune with God’s heart.

That is the reason I do not post interpretations with the prophetic stories I post… at least not as part of the article itself.  I am however, inviting others to come and offer their spiritual insight into what the Holy Spirit shows them regarding the article.  I may also offer my own sense of what I felt about each piece in the comments section after others have a turn to respond.

If any of these articles apply to you specifically and they jump off the page into your heart with encouragement, then please drop us a note and share in the comments.  It helps me ‘tune in’ and encourages me as I continue going deeper with the Lord.

When I recognize public spiritual leaders commenting I will try to highlight their comments.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

Eagle Wings.