About Gloryscope Daily


This blog’s intent is to deliver a prophetic word for a specific person each day. You may be the person for whom I write today, and perhaps you aren’t. The word is not intended to apply to everyone… so maybe it isn’t applicable to you, but maybe it is? But since each word is intended to be biblically based, and inspired by my daily worship time with God, (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Father of the Messiah) then it should be at worst, a simple uplifting story which you can disregard. But what if today’s message is somehow… in some strangely supernatural way, written specifically for you… through my words… from God Himself?

No interpretation is given with these prophetic words… because the word may be used differently by each recipient and so the interpretation remains fluid and moveable. In whatever way God speaks to you through these articles, let it be only good. Then share your responses in the comments… let others know what the day’s word means to you and how it has affected your spirit. While the general intention of each word may be similar, its effect on different people can be inspiring to others. Encourage each other with your own testimonies.

This is only ever meant to be a word of encouragement. Please take it as such. How you receive it is entirely your own choice and I have no control nor intention to affect you other than to say a generic ‘hi’ and ‘hope you have a great day’. Now with that said… open your heart to the Creator of the universe… our Heavenly Father, and also to His Son Jesus, and then listen to see if His Holy Spirit uses my words to speak to you today.


Eagle Wings.

Isaiah 40:31